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May 2022



Nora & Wes's spring elopement at the East Nash Greenhouse was intimate, adorable, and so special. The two said "I Do," officiated by Nora's best friend (and my neighbor!) Erin, who prepared the most personal ceremony for her friends.


It was so special being so up-close and personal with Nora & Wes during their ceremony. Typically, I'm a solid 20ft away from my couples when they're exchanging their vows  at big weddings - but at this little elopement, we were all snug in the little greenhouse, and I got a front row seat to all the emotion. The laughter, happy tears, giddy excitement, and all. 

The five of us - Nora, Wes, Erin, and I (and Erin's mom, Monnie for backup support) had the best Wednesday morning. It reminded me even more so that your wedding can be whatever you want it to be, with whoever you want to be there, and it will be nothing short of dreamy.

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