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OCTOBER 10, 2022

What Wedding Vendors Do I Book First?

If you’re here, that probably means that you are in the beginning stages of planning your dream wedding. First of all, congratulations! This is going to be one of the most exciting and rewarding seasons of life. Although planning your wedding may initially seem daunting, it really doesn’t have to be. Here, I’m going to walk you through a few tips when booking your vendors, as well as the order of priority in which to secure your vendor team.


While I hope this blog post proves helpful, the greatest piece of advice I can give you is to remember to keep the reason & love behind your wedding plans at the forefront of your mind through the whole planning and engagement season. Whenever you feel any stress (even with the best vendors and best planning - every bride has a couple moments) just pause, reflect, and remember that all the planning and hard work is for one beautiful goal: to celebrate your marriage to the love of your life.


Now, let’s get to business! If I were to plan my own wedding tomorrow, here is the framework I would follow when booking my vendor team:

No. 1


Your wedding planner should be one of the first - if not THE first - vendor you book. Your wedding planner will help you with every other detail of your day, including overseeing the logistics of booking all of your other vendors. Your wedding planner will field all the different contracts and deposits from various vendors, communicate & curate your event aesthetic, and help you in finding other vendors that will align with your wedding vision and investment goals.


Well, we made it through your primary vendor list! I genuinely hope that you found this post helpful. As I was writing, I found myself immediately transported back to a few years ago when I was planning my own wedding. I recall all the details floating around in my mind constantly, but I recall even clearer the excitement and joy in the anticipation that comes with wedding planning. What a joy it is to have the opportunity to not only throw your dream wedding, but most importantly to marry the love of your life. Cheers!



Lauren & Ben

Romantic summer wedding at St. Philip's Cathedral and CJ's Off The Square in downtown Franklin, TN.

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